What Does a Bidet Feel Like? (The Truth)


If you’re like most North American’s, you’ve probably never used a bidet before. And if you’re like I was, you’re probably wondering what it feels like.

Does it feel weird? Is it uncomfortable? Is it too cold?

You’re not alone – a lot of people are curious about what this somewhat mysterious bathroom fixture feels like and want some answers before they give it a try.

So what does a bidet feel like?

A bidet feels like a gentle spray of cool or warm, depending on what you set the temperature to. For some people, it may feel slightly strange at first, mainly because it’s not a sensation they’re used to. However, most bidet users describe it as an overall pleasant and refreshing experience.

Do Bidets Feel Weird?

Like all new experiences, a bidet may feel slightly weird at first simply because it’s a sensation that you’re probably not used to. However, it’s not an unpleasant feeling – in fact, many people end up preferring a bidet over toilet paper as they feel it provides a superior clean.

Does a Bidet Feel Good?

Most people who use a bidet say it feels good – refreshing and cleansing.

However, whether a bidet feels good also comes down to personal preference – what feels good to one person may not feel as good to another.

Most people enjoy the sensation of a bidet and find it both soothing and pleasant. Others may find the feeling of a bidet slightly uncomfortable at first until they get used to it.

Is Cold Bidet Water Uncomfortable?

Cold bidet water is not generally uncomfortable, but this can depend on personal preference and the water temperature at your home.

Bidet water comes from your regular water supply – the same water that comes out of the faucet when you brush your teeth or fill a glass to drink.

If you live in a cold climate, it’s likely that the water supply in your home – and thus, the water that will come out of your bidet – will be fairly cold.

If you’re curious about how a bidet may feel in your home, simply turn on your bathroom faucet and allow the water to run over your hand for 10 seconds.

If you find the water to be uncomfortably cold, then it may be worth looking into a Japanese-style washlet, a higher-end bidet like the Bio Bidet USPA 6800U or a bidet with a dryer as these types of bidets all come with a warm water option.

Do Bidets Hurt?

A bidet should not hurt when you use it.

In fact, many people use a bidet because it provides a gentler, less abrasive clean than toilet paper.

Bidets are particularly good for people who have hemorrhoids or anal fissures and for people who are postpartum.

Final Thoughts

The thought of a bidet may feel slightly daunting and even scary for the uninitiated, but there’s nothing to fear.

A bidet provides a gentle, pleasant cleansing experience that is superior to toilet paper.