Are Bidets Sanitary?


Bidets are commonplace in Asia and Europe and they’re starting to gain traction around the world.

This “new” (to some people) way of cleaning yourself post-toilet generally leads to the question – are bidets sanitary or do they spread germs everywhere?

Are bidets sanitary? Bidets are sanitary. In fact, bidets are more sanitary than wiping with toilet paper.

Why is that?

Water is more effective at cleaning than dry toilet paper. Imagine stepping in poop with your bare foot and simply wiping it off with paper – you wouldn’t, would you?

If your foot deserves the water treatment, then why not your butt? 

Additionally, bidets can also prevent chafing and irritation.

This is a common problem for people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or incontinence and have to use the toilet frequently (1).

Bidets are also good for other health conditions, such as hemorrhoids as they provide a gentler alternative to wiping.

The problem of thorough cleaning is a non-issue when it comes to bidet usage.

Bidets clean your private region thoroughly once you’ve positioned yourself correctly (and this is just a matter of finding the right position for you.)

Not only does toilet paper do a poor job of cleaning, but it can also be damaging for certain people who want to get the job done right.

Some toilet paper can be so abrasive at times that it can tear or damage the delicate region around your anus. 

As the skin is so thin, and many people use the wrong wiping motion, toilet paper can actually cause injuries to individuals.

This can result in bleeding and pain, all the while leaving your private parts non-fecal-free.

In addition, some people wipe much too hard and actually cause small tears, known as anal fissures.

bidet sprayer next to toilet paper

Do Bidets Get Poop on Them?

Most bidets have a self-cleaning mechanism that prevents feces from spraying onto the bidet itself while it cleans you.

In addition to the self-cleaning mechanism, you should clean your bidet attachment whenever you clean your toilet.

This can be as simple as spraying a cleaning solution on your bidet and wiping it down with a paper towel.

Do Bidets Spray Poop Everywhere?

Bidets do not spray poop everywhere. All fecal matter is contained in the bowl region of the bidet.

For a bidet to spray poop everywhere, it would need to have a super soaker-like jet stream.

Fortunately, bidets provide a slow, steady, gentle stream of water that is strong enough to provide a thorough cleanse without spraying poop everywhere.   

If you’re worried about poop being sprayed or smeared, bidets are actually more sanitary than toilet paper (2).

This is because bidets spray the fecal matter away from your anus while toilet paper smears the feces while attempting to remove it.

Here are some more common problems associated with toilet paper that we tend to flush down the toilet.

Is Bidet Water Clean?

Where does bidet water come from and is it clean is a frequently asked question.

A common misconception is that the water in a bidet is sourced from the toilet bowl, but this is untrue – it comes from the regular water supply. 

The water being used by the bidet is the same water that’s running through the plumbing of the entire bathroom.

Therefore if the water is clean enough to brush your teeth with and shower your body, it’s certainly clean enough to be used in the spray of the bidet.

Some bidets come with an extra water filter built-in, but this isn’t because the water isn’t clean, it’s simply to prevent mineral build-up that could damage the working parts.

clean bidet next to toilet

Do Bidets Spread Germs?

There is no evidence to suggest that bidets spread germs. In fact, they help contain the germs of the fecal matter entirely in the toilet.

This is because toilet paper requires you to manually use your hands to rid yourself of any fecal matter in your private regions.

This action alone can cause germs to travel back with you out of the bathroom, as you may have got something on your hands in the process and failed to wash your hands properly.

Using a bidet is an entirely hands-free process that does not require you to get your hands dirty in order to get the job done.

You need to simply let the plumbing and the mechanism of the bidet do their work, and you can walk away clean and germ-free. It’s almost like stepping out of the shower. 

Additionally, you will also not be responsible for spreading germs to your friends and co-workers through physical contact after using the toilet.

(Of course, it goes without saying that you should still wash your hands after going to the bathroom, bidet or not!)

Are Bidets Sanitary or Unsanitary? Final Thoughts

Bidets are sanitary. They provide a more thorough cleansing than toilet paper and they don’t spray poop everywhere.

Most bidets have a self-cleaning mechanism which, in addition to regular cleaning, ensures that bidets don’t have poop on them.

Finally, bidets use clean water from your regular water supply and they help keep germs contained in the toilet bowl, thanks to the fact that they are hands-free.